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John C. Spinosa, MD, PhD

Education 1976 - 1980 Claremont McKenna College Claremont, CA
  B.A./Chemistry May 1980    
  • Cum Laude with Departmental Honors
  1980-1987 U.C. San Diego La Jolla, CA
  M.D., June 1987    
  • Recipient of Experimental Pathology Training Grant, September 1982
  • Recipient of Medical Scientist Training Program Grant, September 1983
  1982-1988 U.C. San Diego La Jolla, CA
  Ph.D./Experimental Pathology March 1988
  • Dissertation Title: Human Neutrophil Interactions with Model Immune Complexes: Modulation by Human C5a Anaphylatoxin

July 1987-June 1988 UCSD Medical Center San Diego, CA
  Internship in Pathology
  July 1988-June 1989 UCSD Medical Center San Diego, CA
  Residency in Pathology
  July 1989-June 1990 UCSD Medical Center San Diego, CA
  Fellowship in Pathology
  • American Cancer Society Clinical Oncology
    Fellowship in Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology.
  • Clinical Instructor in Pathology
  July 1990-June 1991 UCSD Medical Center San Diego, CA
  Chief Resident in Pathology
  Scripps Clinic La Jolla, CA
  Fellowship in Hematopathology

Positions Held September 1999 Laboratory Diagnostics Medical Group La Jolla, CA
  • Medical Director, San Diego Laboratory, Cytometry Associates, Inc.
    1995 - Present
  • Staff Pathologist, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla – 1993 - Present
    • Chair, Health Information Committee, 1997 - Present
  • Staff Pathologist, Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas – 1993 - Present
  • Staff Pathologist, Scripps East County – 1996 - Present
    • Department Chair 1996 – Present
    • Medical Director 1996 - Present
  • Alschuler.Spinosa Healthcare Consultants 1998 - Present
  July 1993-1999 Pathology Medical Group La Jolla, CA
  • Medical Director, Central Laboratory
  • Director Clinical Chemistry, Pathology Medical Laboratories
  • Director Information Systems, Pathology Medical Laboratories

Affiliations College of American Pathologists
  • Member, CAP Informatics Committee
  • CAP Representative to ANSI Health Information Standards Board
  • CAP Voting Representative to HL7
  • Member HL7-XML SIG

American Society of Clinical Pathologists
Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physician and Scientists
Association of Computing Machinery
TEX Users Group
Licensure California Physicians and Surgeon License
Diplomat, National Board of Medical Examiners, July 1988
Diplomat, American Board of Pathology, November 1992
Certificate in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

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